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0 Zoe & Craig’s Wedding Album


I was asked to shoot this wedding for a good friend but I declined, as I just wanted to enjoy the day. Sitting stationary in the aisle at the church…

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1 Storm “Hercules” Hits Cornwall


Photography of the dramatic event when Storm “Hercules” Crashes into Newquay Cornwall on the Morning of Jan 6th 2014.

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8 Morocco, Marrakech, Essaouira Street Photography


Wow, what an amazing country Morocco is; the colours, the people, the chaos, the landscape, the history and the ambience. I have recently returned from a 7 day vacation in…

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0 Self-Portrait Photo Time


How many times as a photographer do you think of taking a picture of yourself? Well, for me it hasn’t crossed my mind very often, that was until Digital Photo…

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0 Digital Photo Magazine “Get The Shot” feature


Last week i had a great call from the guys over at Digital Photo, one of the UK’s top selling Photo Mags. I was asked to feature on the “Get…

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7 Canon 5d Mark III with Manual lenses – My Thoughts


After a long while shooting Nikon, i have now added a Canon 5d Mark III to my kit and this is why…  What do you do when you want to…

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0 Street & Reportage Photography


Street Photography is a genre that i have always loved, something i do not get much opportunity to do down here in Cornwall but when i get to the big…

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1 Cornish Landscapes in Winter


Cornish Landscapes in Winter. Well, it’s winter time here in Cornwall, it’s getting cold but wow, the light is just superb and the beaches are empty. Time to start compiling…

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0 European Travel Photography


After many many months of travelling and Photographing Europe in a Camper van a while ago, there are still a billion files that i have not yet had time to…

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0 Newquay & Cornwall Stock Photography


Newquay & Cornwall Stock Photography – Newquay in Cornwall looking its best in a collection of Fresh new images form Spring 2012. All Images are available for purchase, please Get…

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0 iPhonography

iPhone 4

Since i have had my iPhone 4 i ditched my “worrying about quality” hang ups and just got on with taking pictures. For me, iPhonography has brought about restrictions that…

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0 40 Great Photography Tips for Amateurs and Pro Photographers


Here are a selection of 40 Great Photography Tips from my daily Twitter tips for Amateurs and budding pro photographers. Follow me @Twitter or @Facebook. See you there! Enjoy! Tip…

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0 You can now follow Exposia Photography on Twitter


Exposia Photography have finally joined the dynamic world of Twitter, yes, i will be tweeting away in the coming months. Follow me over @Exposia on Twitter for the latest happenings, news…

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0 Halloween club night


So, it’s Halloween and everyone’s made a huge effort to dress up before hitting the town. No doubt people will snap away and pictures will find their way onto Facebook…

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1 New 100 page Photography Portfolio book has arrived!


My new Photography Portfolio book has finally arrived. wow! There is nothing better than seeing your photography in print, so you can imagine my excitement when my new Portfolio Photobook…

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1 Here come Cornwall’s alternative calendar girls


Cornwall’s alternative calendar girls for 2012, shot over an 8 day period at the end of November. Click here to follow CACG on Facebook     

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0 What’s in my Photography Kit Bag?


The light, the heavy and the essentials… Camera Body: Nikon D700 12.1 megapixel Full frame (FX Sensor) Canon 5d Mark III 22.3 megapixel Full frame Nikon Lenses: Nikon Nikkor 17-35mm…

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1 The search for models on Model Mayhem has begun

Black & White studio Portrait with flowers and lace - Tonnii

I am looking to work with some great models in 2012, maybe it’s you!? To expand my search i have joined Model Mayhem and have quickly started to build up…

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0 Follow me on Facebook


For those of you who are hooked on Facebook and social networking, pop over to my Exposia Photography Facebook page, click “like” and follow me there. Fo hardcore twitter fans,…

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0 Accounting, Expenses and Billing for photographers solved!

Do you hate accounting like i do? i would rather be taking pictures! I don’t normally advocate products unless they are really good. I looked for an photographer accounting solution…

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0 Audition photo shoot for the CACG Calendar Girls


Audition photo shoot for the (CACG) Cornwall’s Alternative Calendar Girls. Here are a selection of photographs, taken at the Event, held at Walkabout in Newquay. These images have not been…

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0 Food.. glorious food


Just thought i would share a recent project with you as i am feeling a bit peckish. I frequently get asked to photograph food and menus as part of an…

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0 Newquay Photography Competition Winner

Winter Surfer, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

After a few weeks of intense online voting by hundreds of Newquay Facebook fans one of my images was voted the Winner of the Newquay Facebook Photography Competition! My image…

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0 Stock Photography @


If you are interested in purchasing a licence to publish any of these photos, many are available as stock images through for commercial use. New stock images are been uploaded…

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2 Street & Documentary Photos – Carnival in Koroni, Greece


Street & Documentary Photography is one of my Big loves, i have never visited the Big Apple where some of the masters practice their craft but even in the smallest…

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7 Street Photography Tips – ‘Shooting from the hip’ Tutorial


Want to be a Street Photographer? Learn how to ‘Shoot from the hip’ in this Street Photography Tutorial.. What is shooting from the hip? You’ve probably heard the phrase “shooting…

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2 Telegraph Big Picture Competition

Landscape photo of the Light bursting through the clouds in the French Pyrenees mountains - Landscape photography

I never enter competitions, maybe it’s for fear of loosing, but some days i feel confident. Last week i entered The Telegraph Big Picture competition with an image of the…

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0 Newspaper / Magazine Portraits


I have just landed at a campsite in southern spain and it has finally stopped raining, and … wow, i have an internet connection! Unfortunately, it’s  the sort of “hover…

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0 Portrait of the Puzzle Man, Bart Phillips


Working for news photo agencies such as Apex means you have to be “ready to go” at all times. Everything you need to take and wire images to hand, all…

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